You Are Here :)
Briona :)
Anime Freak.
Enjoying life.
Having fun.
Making mistakes.
No regrets.
Anime is. Life.
I'm a shipper and an Otaku.
I watch some anime like DBZ, Soul Eater, FMA & FMA:B, and that's the stuff I reblog!
I tend to reblog Bruno Mars stuff too so be prepared. :)
Doing it all while Prasing God.
Unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ Rom. 1:16. Proverbs 31 Woman (In training). Well Thats it! Stay Blessed! :)
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Oh yay a fortune cookie! I love fortune cookies! Let’s see what’s in my future!

What the snick snack frick frack

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When someone says ‘hail Hydra’ now I’m like..

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this is the product of my own boredom and photoshop

i am not sorry

Cosmo Sex Tip


While having sex, whisper into his ear with very a deep voice "Hail Hydra"